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Need some advice!

Hi guys I'm 21 and had a visit to the gynaecologist really. I started my periods at 10 years old and ever since my first period on the first day I would just have nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cold sweats and the worst cramping in the world and I couldn't get out of bed. This would make me have days off school and college once a month.

The gynaecologist suspects I do have endometriosis but I've read online that so many of you have more symptoms than just those... I wonder if I actually do have it because I've read so much online...

The only other thing I do get also is extreme mood swings like I'm bipolar. I'm type 1 diabetic and I suffer from anxiety and depression! Thanks guys xx

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Hi hunny, all ladies suffer different symptoms some all month every day, some at period time like you, some nothing at all and don't know untill another procedure picks it up or when they can't conceive, some worse than others,

The only way to know is if you have a laparoscopy, which you should request ,

Good luck and if you gave any questions fire away, I or someone else will try to answer for you ,xxx

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Hey sweet your symptoms could differ to many other people but they could also be the same, your best bet is to go in for further investigation and find out that way x

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