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Peritoneal lesions?

Hello everyone

Just been reading through my discharge letter after my lap and for procedures it says

'Excision of endometriosis/lesion peritoneum '

What is lesion peritoneum? My doctor did come round and talk to me after the op but I was completely out of it and just cried! My follow up is in 4 months so I'm just wondering what that actually means!

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lesions in peritoneum is often known as deep endometriosis often a mri can confirm this but laprostopy are more accurate to confirm this but it depends on how skilled the surgeon often its has to be a endometriosis specialist in specialist centre also called a bsge centre often have to carry out this type of surgery as general gynaecology are not skilled enough to treat this type of endometriosis xx

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That you. My general gynae treated this during my surgery. She isn't registered nor is the hospital as a bsge specialist but I was treated at a specialist womens centre and she's done an amazing job and done a lot of work! But I'm still on the recovery process so we will see!! Bsge might be next x


keep fingers crossed hopefully it will help you x


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