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Thyroid and endo

Hi ladies, so today I was at my mother in laws and she was asking how I was. We were speaking about my laproscopy that will hopefully be in November and she asked the question do I have thyroids to? I was confused because Iv never heard of the connection between endo and thyroid, however because of my weight always being up and down I had wondered when I was younger if I had thyroid issues from what I can remember Iv not been tested. My mother in law said that her sister and one of her friends have thyroid along with their endo. So I'm wondering if any of you ladies have any experience with this and what are the symptoms of thyroid? I'm not sure whether to mention it to the doctor?

Thanks for comments on advance ladies xx

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Hypothyroidism is more common in sufferers of endometriosis. Have a conversation with your GP. Maybe they could do a blood test to find out for you.


Yes i have underactive thyroid & stage 4 endo on bowel & my womb.

Im waiting on my next op.

I currently take meds for thyroid every day. An will do forever,doc said.

Just to be able to function daily.

Thyroid can present it self with loads of diff symptoms.

Mine were fatique, hair loss, weight gain, palpatations, easily exhausted if have hectic few days at work, feeling anxious now & again, throat tightening, low immune system, allergies.

There are alot more tho & everyones are different. So dependant on if its severe or not. That depends on if you need a higher amount of thyroid tabs to get you back to where you need to be health wise.

Get docs ask for thyroid test.

Hope this helped.

Jo xxx


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