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What if they don't find anything?

After long term pain (constant dull ache all across my pelvis and into my lower back with intermittent sharp shooting pains that take my breath away) and pretty much constant bleeding (mostly old brown blood with what looks like chunks of my insides, sorry way tmi) I'm going for a laperoscopy tomorrow and part of me is excited of the thought of not being in constant pain anymore but another part is worried in case they don't find anything and I end up back at square one. Do my symptoms sound like it could be endometriosis, sex is sometimes painful during but always afterwards for a few days and usually causes fresh bleeding. What makes me think it might not be is that I have three children who were all conceived naturally without any issues (sorry if that is insensitive to those struggling xx)

I am also having a hysteroscopy so they can check the inside of my womb and retrieve a lost coil which was meant to help but made things worse

Sorry for rambling on, I'm just feeling very emotional in general, I've been waiting so long for this and pinning all my hopes on them fixing me, I'll be crushed if they can't find what is causing the pain and bleeding xx

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Hi - a diagnostic lap is or should be a fairly detailed examination. There is a procedure to be followed and I have a post on it. Have a look. The most important steps especially with pain during/after sex are to check the pouch of Douglas behind the uterus and to carry out a rectovaginal exam to feel for nodules of endo that are not visible at a lap. Check with the surgeon that these will be done.

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Dear of you I'm waiting for my lap to confirm endometriosis I know how you feel it's so hard I'm fed up with waiting 😟


I think everyone feels the same way, I know I did. The first thing I asked when I came round from the anaesthetic was whether or not they had found it.

Infertility doesn't happen to everyone with endo - I had children in my 20's and fell pregnant the first month of trying for all 3 of my pregnancies (2 children, 1 miscarriage). It was a bit of a standing joke, TBH.

The only thing I would say is be prepared for the lap to be the beginning of the journey, not the end. I had my first lap back in january and sadly woke up to find that none of the endo had been treated due to it's severity and my treatment is ongoing and will be for the forseeable future.

good luck with your surgery.


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