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Hoping for information

Hi ladies, I don't have a job due to endo making it really difficult to hold down a job with the pain and tiredness and the depression etc all you ladies know how it is. I do receive ESA at the minute I should be greatfull but the money I get still isn't really enough to live off I really struggle I wondered if any of you ladies are in the same position and no of any other help and anything else I may be entitled to.

Thanks for any advice in advance everyone I hope everyone is okay xx

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I work in financial advice. You may be entitled to further benefits, but remember there is s universal cap coming in, so it won't increase by a huge amount.

You need to do some research on the government website, they have some really useful tools to help show which benefits you are entitled to. You may not get all of them as most are means tested now.

Good luck


Hi you maybe able to get housing benefit and some council tax relief check Google benefit checker it's an online tool to help se what you may be entitled to, or ceck out citizens advice. I'm on esa but luckily my mum helps a lot if it wasn't for her I'd be homeless and may be worse. Hope this helps x


It's possible you qualify for personal independence payments. Should come up on benefits checker. Or look for it separately on government website.


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