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Truly fed up!!!!!

After a year of having what I thought was my endo pain back I finally got to see a bsge specialist....she did the surgery 12 days ago and confirmed there was no new established endo but she found some stuff growing on my womb at the back so she pulled that off. My back pain is a little better since.

One thing I have been complaining about for around 6 months in pain when I finish and after weeing. This hurts so much in my lower left and causes sharp shooting pains in my left side. Weirdly this is more common at night. I'm getting really worried actually about it now.....any ideas people?!!

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I have the same thing weeing , it better in daytime but pAinful going and never feel quite empty But then agony at night as soon as I need to go which is about every 2-3 hours at night I wake up in pain like I'm desperate , then painful going not a huge amount comes out then painful afterwards for like half hour. My pain is also mostly in left side generally I also have a lot of bowel pain especially at night all lower left . I have been tested a few times but no uti this has gone on for long time but been a lot worse since lap in April. During lap they removed endo from uterosacral ligaments and rectum all superficial nodules and adenomyosis was confirmed with a biopsy .

I think the night pain my be because my womb tilted so when I lie down it squashes bladder or the scarring form the lap ?????? I am awaiting seeing a urologist end of October was referred in April so it's been a really long wait It unbearable not being able to sleep hardly I am so tired and dread going to bed and also have terrible night sweats and have lost so much weight. I have tried everything I can think of with the bladder drinking lots not drink various herbal teas nothing seems to work slight worse near period but still happens all month.

IS this similar to what you get? does anything make yours better or worse?


Hi I live with both endo ( deep infiltrating utero sacrel) and nasty spinal issues in same area of body that controls bladder. I can relate to your posted symptoms and funny left side stuff. I could recomend to try working with a physio that specialisis in women. Also It may not be possible but getting an MRI to eliminate spinal problems as contributing source of bladder issues with back pain? A good physio can sometimes tell you whats going on and help.

I agree there is no two ways it will drive you nuts understanding the orgin or not.


Interstitial Cystitis? Often occurs with endo. It's what led to my provisional diagnosis. Do get it checked out properly if it's persisted so long. There are things that can be done.


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