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When to start next IVF round following laparoscopy?

Hello ladies,

I had one IVF round last year which turned out to be unsuccessful. Also it was discovered that I had endometriosis.

I had my 2nd lap on the 9th of Sept to remove a large endomtrioma on my left ovary +adhesions. My NHS consultant said that the surgery went well. As well as removing the endometrioma she removed adhesions incl mobilised my right ovary that was stuck to the back of the womb.

I was also put on a 3 month course of Zoladex which expires tomorrow.

I was advised by my NHS consultant to start IVF in 6-8 weeks after surgery but when I got in touch with my IVF clinic (private) they advised to start earlier while the endometriosis is nicely suppressed. They suggested starting the nasal spray tomorrow! It seems very soon to start stimulating the ovaries only a month after surgery and also doing an egg collection?

I suppose it is my decision but would love to hear from anyone with experience in IVF and endometriosis. Any comments appreciated.


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Hi, I know your chances of success are higher sooner rather than later, and are best within the first six months after lap. I don't think they'd recommend you starting if they didn't think your body would be ready for it so maybe just go for it if you feel ok. In my mind the sooner you have it after op the more likely it is to be successful. You don't want to give the endo a chance to revive. Good luck with your decision. X


Thank you! x


Hiya, I actually waited about 5 months after my first Lap before starting IVF.. I think they hoped I would fall naturally. But I didn't , and went on to have 3 rounds of IVF in a 12 month period.... first didn't work at all, second I fell pregnant but miscarried and the third.... Resulted in the arrival of my twins! Good luck , stay strong and stay positive even if things don't go to plan straight away.

I did find the endo returned after having the twins..... Just as they turned two I had to have another lap etc. But being so much wiser to the symptoms I didn't allow things to get nearly as bad as they had previously. ( when I was originally told I had IBS... ) all the best!


Thank you so much for your response. It gives me hope! We've just arranged to start another IVF round end of Oct so fingers crossed. x


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