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Endo and bowel

Usually I come on here to read other posts to remind me of how bad things can be and to stay strong as so many of us are suffering but I feel so low at the moment. I'm awaiting seeing a endo specialist & ultrasound in 2 weeks and I'm post lap & excision in Feb this year & I've been in pain on and off for 22 years. I'm 37 now. I had costochondritis for 7 months then moved onto extreme back pain since lap and now on the third consistent month of sciatica along with left pelvic pain & bladder and bowel problems and pain. Headaches, ibs etc, along with depression and anxiety. I'm on so many painkillers thats only just takes the edge off occasionally, usually I have to just distract myself to get through the day at work as I have to keep going everyday as I have a child and although all I want to do is hide under the covers, scream into a pillow and cry all day, it's never an option as that's when I need to remember that others have it far worse to keep me going but it's just so hard when yr in pain all the time, it's eating away part of me. I needed to vent or I'd breakdown/scream this morning. Some people still have never heard of endo which somedays we all wish we never had with it's invisibility to others but maximum suffering. However we all do it. Stay strong & lean on each other!

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Morning hun

Feel for you big time. You feel like no one around you really understands your pain. Hope your specalist has some answers for you and you get it sorted pretty quickly. I got alot of advice on here and the NHS website.

Thinking of you hun and do hope you will getse good news soon x

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