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For 6years iv been wrong diagnosed for a kidney/bladder infections...sometimes 4-5times a year.

Iv been signed off work for about 6months now, from pain and discomfort all day everyday. Doctors think I have endometriosis so I'm seeing a gynaecologist on Monday who's a specialist in endo

I'm 19 and worried about everything, kinda feel alone and confused

I'm really worried about Monday, what actually happens in the first appointment as I'm going to be on my period and the pain gets a lot worse and worried how it's all going to be


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So sorry to hear all this. Sounds about right being mis diagnose. So frustrating. I feel your pain. Same happened with me.

Your first appointment going by my own experience. They will talk through your symptoms with you. Make notes. A examination too. I know your on your period but in my experience they do still offer it if you feel comfortable having one depends on the gyna Doctor maybe. Then they will discuss maybe a ultrasound or MRI and surgery maybe to diagnose it.

Hope that helps. Sending hugs. X

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Thank you that really helps, I had no idea what was going to happen, now I know, one less thing to worry about..iv already had two ultrasound scans, one less test out of the way x

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