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Success stories with severe endo please

im turning 33 next month and suffer fro severe endo for almost 12 years from now after the diagnosis. i have had 03 failed transfers one with fresh and two with FETs. recently i had cystectomy + laparoscopy to remove endo as it was a mess as i have frozen pelvis.

Now im going to try one more time with ivf which is scheduled in next month, i'm feeling down right down as it was already 06 years of trying and everybody else in the work place seems to fall pregnant without any effort.

please share any success stories, to keep me going ladies...

Thank you inadvance

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Padma Lakashmi was 36 when she was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis, she froze her eggs after hearing she may not be able to have kids but fell pregnant later.

Here are a few stories:


Remember every case is different and the doctors sometimes don't know anything.


Thank you very much Hannah..


I have severe endo and had a failed cycle but then changed clinics and now have a son. A friend of mine had 6 cycles all failed, decided to try one last time at a new place and now has twins and she only has one ovary. It can happen. Xx


Thank you Batfoss for your comment, so happy that you have a son, it is a miracle right? I'm scared and thinking of all the negative possibilities right now... Thanks for giving hope...


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