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Don't know what to do:(

Hi was diagnosed with endo and cysts a couple of years ago now - I have had 2 laps, which one was a severe removal of endo (well what the could) leaving me out of action for a good 6 months due to my body not healing well too. I was told Jan 2015 that I would probably never beable to conceive as it was just getting worse quickly. Amazingly I did fall pregnant a month later, which I hVe now a gorgeous little boy- bit through out my whole pregnancy I didn't think it was real after I had to go threw everything to prepare for the worst. As always my consultant thought this was a good thing and hoped my endo would calm down for a few years, but almost instantly after having my baby I had pain coming back - it's getting worse day by day back to the way it was. I'm really struggling I'm exhausted, I am now back at work working 8hour long days - I jut don't know what to do. My partner has to work weekends and late shifts till 9 leaving me to do everything. I feel such a bad mum being so tired and unable to do much for my son and after everything I have been through and to think I never thought I would be here. I want to give the best to him, yet I have to work to beable to provide that for him, yet I'm really struggling.

The consultants suggestion was another op but I can't bare to think about that in case my recovery time is just the same as before. And other option just terrify me as Other hormone treatments I have tried make me go crazy 😞

Sorry for the long post. Just needed somewhere to speak, somewhere people understand the feeling.


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Where in the UK are you?


Hi, I'm in west Yorkshire x


Is this consultant a general gynaecologist or in a specialist centre?


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