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Hi all, just a quick update. Thankfully I found this site and it's changed my opinion on getting a hysterectomy. I think I was just hoping that all of my pain would miraculously go away after it but sadly that's not the case and it would mean HRT for rest of my life. I might not have been clear before but Iv had three laps off different gynos and not my gyno that I'm under has decided to wait a few month as next month is my last prostap injection and then have a lap beginning of November to have a good look inside. He is also happy I'm not opting for hysterectomy X

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Are you under a bsge specialist centre???, I had a hysterectomy for adenomyosis last July and excision of endo, but I'm still not right, having another laparoscopy on 22nd to see if anything was missed, I wS under general gyne and now with a bsge specialist, 😉

No just under a general. Hope you get sorted x

If I was you I would get a refferal to a bsge specialist centre, 3 laps and still in pain, would suggest they are missing something as general gyne often miss endo in certain areas,

Might be a longer wait, but worth it in the future

Hi, sorry it's three different doctors who have done the laps Iv now found and went private with one of the best gynos around my area I feel pretty confident with him this will be my first lap off him thanks X

Hi again Noami

I'm so glad we have clarified things. But I do think you should now take great care in who you have do your lap as your symptoms of back pain and pain in your left leg suggest endo on the uterosacral ligaments (rectovaginal endo) and even if your surgeon does spot this he won't be able to touch it as this must only be operated on by skilled excision surgeons with advanced training. Did you read my post on it? As you are private you can get this absolutely right from the start. Where in the UK are you?

Yes I read your post thanks, I'm from up north, I had a good in depth talk with him and he is aware of deep Endo and he said when he goes in he is going to check and even look behind my ovaries and have an in depth look. Xx

So are you happy that he won't be able to operate if he finds deep endo and would have to close you up. Unless he is a BSGE surgeon which he might be. Is he on this list:

Yeah happy enough with what ever he decides to do, Iv researched a long time and he is one of the best in our area, I will have the lap then go from there. Thank you x

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