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Early menopause or the dreaded endo again?

Hi i am new to this community ~ it is the first timei have felt ive needed endorelated support for many years....i started s?uffering wit endo as soon as i started my periods at13 but was not diagnosed until my 20's. I had quite a torrid time in 1994 ~ 10 weeks off work with surgery ~ but i was a lucky endo sufferer... i fell preg very quickly and pregnancy did give me absolute relief from,symptoms. I was blessed to (despite several early miscarriages and the suspected loss of a twin) to have three successful pregnancies (including twins) and have 4 kids. So other than heavy bleeding, pain and bloating i have beenable to carry on a relatively normal life. Other than the intermittent flar ups ~ oftenat the most inconvenient times (during chairing a conference has tobe one of my personal highlights!)

So now i am 45 and current symptoms...pain during sex, bleeding often after (including for several days after), heavy periods, curently every 10 days or so, constant lower backache, frequently feeling 'full'in my vagina, neck ache, muscle ache, fatigue, headaches, tearfullness ( despite feeling pretty level otherwise). Have had a pelvic scanwhich confirms cysts on both ovaries and calcification on one.

So question is...is this the early onset of menopause as my GP thinks or endo having it's last hooray in my reproductive years? Anyone any thoughts?

Apologies for any typos ~ bloody tablet has a mind of its own. Thanks x

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Hi - when was your last pregnancy and I assume the pain with and bleeding after sex, full feeling in vagina and constant back ache haven't come on suddenly? You say that you have lead a relatively normal life other than for heavy bleeding, pain and bloating. But these are symptoms of endo. I'm guessing you have managed the pain but it has now reached a level that has made you take notice. Have you taken contraceptives since or between pregnancies? Do you have any twinges in your legs or bowel or bladder symptoms? Where in the uk are you?


Hi last pregnancy was 12 years ago. Hubby had the snip. Yes have suffered symptoms throughout (exceptduring pregnancy) but have managed/got used to it. When i say flare ups i mean episodes that i cannot cope with rather than being endofree during that time.

The current sypmtoms have been building up over last six months. I doget bowel pain ~ during menstration i alternate between constipation and diarrhea. Leg aches and weakness have been one of my endo features too sadly, yes.

Did have a sudden bladder issue about three months ago ~ couldnt empty bladder fully for about 4 days but then that went off ~ now just have pain/dragging when i urinate.

Im in the south east of england.



Hi - you sound to have a typical story. Pregnancies will have kept it at bay as the form of oestrogen that drives endo takes a back seat and the hormones are balanced. Contraceptives mimic pregnancy. But as you haven't taken them you have had the high mid cycle peaks of oestrogen over the last 12 years that drive endo.

Assuming the cysts on the scan are just regular ones and not ovarian endo -endometriomas - then you don't have that but I think it likely you will have endo behind your cervix potentially affecting the uterosacral ligaments. Have a look at my post on it. As you are in England you can choose to see who you want and I think you definitely need to see a dedicated specialist in a centre. You really can't mess about with general gynaecology at your age as they will no doubt just suggest a hysterectomy and removal of the ovaries but this won't resolve your endo as it produces it's own oestrogen within its own cells and the more advanced the endo the more efficient this process is likely to be. A TAH and BSO may be appropriate depending on what is found as you may have endo within the uterus -adenomyosis - but it will be important that your endo is excised at the same time and such surgery is complex. Have a look at my post on the treatment pathway and on how to find a specialist centre. They will do a rectovaginal exam - fingers up vagina and bum at the same time - to feel for deep nodules so be prepared for the experience.

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Thank you ~ sounds delightful, lol ~ gosh we do get a treat with thiscondition dont we. Yes the ovaries have endometriomas ~ both sides. I'll contact my dr monday and ask to be referred to the endo centre at l &d as nearby. He islovely and i am sure will give me no hassle. I'lltake a look at your post. Many thanks again. X


Yes defo get reffered to a bsge specialist centre, as last year I was under gyne has excision if endo and hysterectomy for adenomyosis, now awaiting another laparoscopy with a bsge specialist centre as I think general gyne missed something, xxxx

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