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Possible Endo?

Hi....I have read a lot about Endometriosis on this platform and I must say I have learned a lot... I am having some symptoms similar but it just mine pains is not that much. Though I have a growth on my bellybutton but may shrink for more than 2 weeks and without pains but my worry is I have been bleeding during my menses period for about 4 months now and only feel pains during this period. Is there possibility that it's not Endo? Could it be umblical infection? Because I reside in Africa where many people including medical practitioners don't know about Endo. The last time I visited a doctor he was as confused as I was. Pls I really need advice on what to do.

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Hi, it is very confusing & there can be a variety of symptoms that can differ from person to person. With endo there can be a lot other issues as well. I had always suffered from extremely painful periods & would often have to take the day off school/work. I also had cysts on my ovaries - both of these are common for women that suffer from endo but course I had no idea at the stage what endo was & that these were possible symptoms of endo. I manly got my endo pain around my period to begin with but that is really common & if I hadn't been journaling when I got the pain it would have taken a lot longer to get me to the specialist & onto having a laposcopy & then diagnosis, treatment followed. I'm not sure about the bleeding in between your periods but do know that with endo your period can be quite screwed up. I would start keeping a record/diary writing down- when you get the pain - the intensity of the pain - when you get your periods - when you're bleeding inbetween your periods & how long for -and anything else you are experiencing. This will be really helpful for when you do go to see a specialist. The more information you have the better. I think your belly button issue is seperate to your other symptoms. . Good luck with everything & feel free to send me a message if you want some further advice or just to chat. Let me know how you go. 🌺💗🌻😊🌸


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