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I'm new here!

Just a quick hello and intro to myself - Olivia, 23 I was diagnosed with stage 2 Endo in June 2015, although I wasn't given much info about Endo I was pretty lucky to be diagnosed so promptly. In the last few months my endo has got increasingly worse, I tend to get symptoms everyday, and even worse after exercise! Since then I've been doing as much research as possible, I've adopted a Vegan diet and now just waiting to get the ball rolling to start the process once again. I came across this group and it's been a god send, knowing there's so many other women out there to provide support is so comforting, as it's such a lonely illness. So hello, and thank you!

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It's a great site for support and people giving u advice I'm in the same boat as u can't even exercise as leaves me in so much pain and I'm just living on veg and fruit cut down on dairy and gluten as seems to make my symptoms worse but willing to give anything a try


Hi Olivia,

I too was diagnosed in June 2015! And was I'm constant pain, but since my last laparoscopy in January I have had more pain free days than painful. Which is great!

Have you noticed a difference after starting your vegan diet?

I still find exercising hard, I tend to get pain if I stretch a certain way. So still trying to find an exercise to suit me. At the moment I have just been going on long walks at a local country park.

Hope you are having a pain free day x

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That's great news!

It's hard to tell day to day as being quite active brings on pain, but when I was on holiday the pain was definitely less after taking on a vegan diet- there's so many factors it can be hard to know. I'm willing to give anything a go, and as a keen cook/baker I'm actually really enjoying it.

Have a nice day.



Hi olivia and welcome

This page is amazing if you need any advice am sure is ladies will answer any of your concern. I am stage 4 and due a full hysterectomy thurs. I am nervous but feel I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. If you ever have any concerns also contact your gp hopefully they will refer you to a gyno too. X

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Hi Olivia, welcome to the forum! By the sounds of things you are doing everything right. Managing endo is very much trial and error. I also really suffer after exercise but refuse to stop as over the years I have come to realise the nights sleep I get and the pain reduction the next day is so valuable. I am currently on a superfood journey, coconut oil is a food marvel and I would highly recommend introducing it to your diet, I try to have (try to remember to have more like ha!) two shots a day, give it a go!

Always happy to help if you ever need it.

Em xx


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