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Acupuncture frequency?

Yesterday I had acupuncture for my endometriosis. As soon as I mentioned infertility I saw pound signs in the practitioner's eyes and she tried to convince me I needed to go on this £400 month plan of acupuncture twice a week along with Chinese tea and tablets. I didn't sign up for this because I was just planning to have a session once a month or something along those lines. I just wondered if anyone has had any luck with acupuncture if so, how often they had it? And has anyone tried the additional Chinese medicines?

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Hi have had acupuncture and had about once a week for six sessions the. Fort nightly and then monthly.

This has helped pain but not hugely. Just helped relax me and generally cheer me up a bit. I didn't take any tablets

If any practitioner is trying to get you to sign up to a long plan and tablets I'd suggest trying someone else. You want someone who is interested in helping you and working with you and having a plan for you and that feels right for you.

Good luck


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