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Totally fed up

Hi guys I'm totally fed up! My doctors have told me to start the pill before anything else will/can be done and I have to wait for the first day of my period before I can do this. I'm just fed up with constant pain and feeling hormonal all the time. I feel the same way how I do before I'm due on (pms) all the time no matter where I am in my cylce and I'm worried the pill is going to make this worse! I feel my friends are getting bored of listening to me constantly moaning and telling them I'm in pain. Does anyone else feel this way?

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You don't have to start the pill if you don't won't to, it's your body, just refuse and tell gp you won't a refferal to a bsge specialist centre,

The pill can help your symtons but can not help your endometreosis if you have it, and as soon as you stop the pill you will be back to square one,

Have you had any blood test and scans?



I agree with tbog doctors always think they no best but it's ur body I was on the pill from age of 17 due to horendious periods I was suicidal on it then changed me to different one I spent the next 10 years being on different ones till I told them that I was sick of not being taking seriously and age of 27 got my first lap then 2nd one at 33


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