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Pain/cramps during and after sex and ultrasound came up clear????

I'm an 18 year girl and I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for a year. Recently within the past couple months I've experienced extremely bad cramping and pain in my lower abdomin during sex and painful camps after. This happens every time we have sex. My periods have been regular, although I've been off and on my birth control pill for several months now. I went to the clinic and they gave me a antibiotic to clear up an infection thinking that may be a possible cause and also booked me an ultrasound. After taking the pills for a week the pain still did not go away. I got a Transabdominal and a transvaginal ultrasound and both came up clear.

Before I make the time to go to my actual doctors I would just like to know some other possible causes for my symptoms so I can be prepared or know how serious to handle the situations, seeing as it took me months in the first place to actually go to the doctors at all.

Thanks for the help☺️

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Hi. I was told that transvaginal ultra sound won't show up endo and will only tell them if there are cysts. I'm in agony daily and my TV ultra sound came up clear. Currently waiting for a lap to see how bad the endo is. I have the same symptoms as you do so it might be worth you pursuing a laparoscopy??


I agree with Daisymoon74 completely. When I first went to the Dr about pain and bleeding during and after sex i had smears, ultrasounds, biopsies amd nothing would show up as 'wrong'. It wasn't until i went back after a few months when nothing had changed that they then suggested it could be end and I'd need a lap. It's not a walk in the park but it's the only way to get a definitive result.

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I had 2 transvaginal scans and both ladies told me that my uterus was healthy fine no problems, had blood test done to check for ovulation and i had a raised ca125 result went in for lap and was diagnosed with stage 4 severe endometriosis... lap is the best confirmation!


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