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Need some advice please!

i havent been on here in a while due to waiting for my appointments and so..

ive only written one post on here before which stated my symptoms so ill quickly repeat them :) i get really heavy painful periods for about 7-8 days. the pain shoots down my legs and is also in my pelvic area, i also have pain during sex as well as lower back ache that feels like youre being dragged down. ive been on the pill since i was 14 and that controls irregular bleeding but nothing else and in the past 2 years the pain has definitely got worse.

I had an appointment at the hospital. The lady has suggested that I have a laparoscopy and whilst I am waiting to continue my pill pack for 3-4 months so i have no period in order to deal with the pain but also to see whether i get pain when im not having a period (i only really get the pain when im on my period apart from pinching feeling sometimes). at the time i agreed because i thought it was a good idea to not have a period for a bit of a break! its really hard to get in my doctors to get my new pill so i have been off the pill for about 5 weeks now but i have been bleeding every other week, heavy with clots. im so fed up! on the one hand i want to try this new pill. but on the other hand i think the irregular bleeding is a way to get the doctors to see that something is going on when im not on the pill (i always had irregular bleeding before i started the pill the pill just seems to control it) because the lady who i had was a bit like 'so you never have irregular bleeding' to which my reponse was no not on the pill as that controls it so i feel like she dismissed that as you dont ever get irregular bleeding.

she also suggested that i could take the drug that brings about temporary menopause for 6 months which i dont want to do. im just worried to be honest that at the end of all this there will be nothing wrong and ill have to deal with the pain all the time - instead of them maybe being able to do something. i just wanted a bit of advice,

sorry for the rant!!!!!! thanks ladies


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