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New Pain

Ladies can i have some advice please? I have a new pain. It's a very sharp pain around my right ovary. It started off as a random 2-3 sec pain enough to make me exclaim out loud about twice a month or so but is now increasing in frequency to sometimes two or three times a day then nothing for a day or so. It's short-lived but intense - and a bit embarrassing if it makes me shout out (or swear) at work!

Any suggestions/advice?

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I think it's likely that you have adhesions pulling on your ovary. The pain would be especially noticeable at ovulation time but if they are bad the slightest movement could suddenly bring it on. Looking at your posts and the symptoms you have been reporting I think it highly likely that the mirena has masked the progression of endo over the years. I see you have a diagnosis of adeno - although if you haven't had a detailed MRI this wouldn't be definitive. I think you need to get a referral to a specialist centre for detailed scans and a diagnostic lap to see what you are dealing with. Unfortunately menopause is not necessarily going to resolve things. Have a look at my posts.


Hi Lindle

Thanks for your response. I think I kind of knew what the answer might be. My diagnosis via lap was when I was in my 30's and quite vague and along the lines of you'll just have to put up with this and as the Mirena dealt with a lot of symptoms I did. I had a hysteroscopy and ultrasound a couple of years ago due to unexplained bleeding and was advised then of the adeno (no mri scan just biopsy) I haven't been in a position to be able to take any time off due to running my own business so I've just carried on. So many on here suffer so much worse than I do. I guess that I should stop ignoring the progression though


Hi, it could also be a sign of an endometrioma (blood filled cyst from endo) growing on your ovary. I had two on my left ovary which gave me a dull painful ache which came and went at random times. I would try and get some advice from an endo specialist and see if you get a scan xx


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