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People who tell you to just get on with it

I'm sick of people saying to me well you just have to get on with it, everyone else does.

I'm pretty sure everyone doesn't feel like there insides are being ripped apart on a daily basis! Especially when it's a man saying it, why is it some people just can't comprehend the fact you physically can't do anything. I can't stand up straight most days and every day I'm nasues. My hormones drive me crazy one minute I'm sobbing for no reason and the next I'm pissed off. I can control that even less than I can control the pain. I'm tired of people who think I should just be going about as normal, I wish there was a way they could experience what we go through. Rant over ☺️

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I'm with you on all of this. It's usually the same people who tell you "you look ok" so assume everything is ok.

Unfortunately there isn't anyway to give them what we have or explain it properly. I find it hard to actually explain what my pain feels like anyway

I've finally realised if people aren't sympathetic they just don't get it and never will so don't waste energy trying to get them to understand.


I can definitely relate. The other thing that stinks about chronic pain is that people, even your closest friends, don't know how to deal with a syndrome that doesn't resolve quickly and neatly. They don't understand that the pain is ongoing and a part of everyday life. I had a friend who was actually a gynecologist, and she started harassing me about not being able to go out with her. She got really frustrated with the fact that my situation didn't have an end to it and my ability to do things differed from day to day. So I dumped her as a friend. She's a gynecologist! Unbelievable.

You have to take life a day at a time and do the things that make you happy and give you comfort. There are a lot of women in the world with this ailment and if we hang together, we can help each other out.

I'm sending lots of healing thoughts your way.



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