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Prostap - other medication

Hello, me again asking yet again about Prostap - sorry :/

I just feel a bit weird about it as I don't really know much about it other than it "shuts down my ovaries"....which is quite scary really!!

I've read a few things now, and am wondering - should I have been put on an HRT too? My gynaeno. said to continue taking my pill. I am also on a low dose of antidepressant - this was prescribed by my GP and not gynaeno before Prostap was even mentioned (this was for my super weird mood swings). So I am taking those both daily. Is this okay, is this enough?

I had my second injection yesterday....hoping things don't flare up, I've only had two hot flushes since my first injection a month ago. Does this bode well? Or will the symptoms get worse the further along I go?

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Hi The injection is designed to put your body in the menapusal state to stop the productionof oestrogen hormone which is what causes endo to growth. I had my third injection last week got my last one next month. They've finally put me HRT as the side effects of headaches and mirgranes and hot flushes for me were becoming crippling. They wont give you HRT until at least your 3rd injection as the injection needs a few months to take effect and then they'll only offer HRT if the side effects are bad.

If your not feeling that bad from it and now on your 2nd injection they may not got any worse, mine were bad a few weeks after first injection and progressively got worse after the second.

Hope this helps xx


Thanks for your reply. Yes that does help thanks :) As I read somewhere that someone was told it was after 4 weeks that the symptoms hit you so was bracing myself - but I'll pretend I didn't read that! I probably won't need HRT then as only have the three injections over three months as op booked for October.

I do keep having dizzy/faint spells. Also, I get the shakes and need to sit down as feel all weird, like my hands are shaking and I feel like I'm rushing. No idea if any of this is anything to do with the Prostap though!? x


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