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MRI - does it have to be an endo specialist who can pick it up, if endo-related numbness in hip?

Hi everyone and good evening

I've put a post on here before because I had a sudden onset of numbness in my left hip and mid-spinal numbness which led to being cleared by a neurosurgeon from the back point of view. I was also cleared of spinal cancer and multiple sclerosis which I hadn't considered so that was good news ;)

Coincidentally I was also recently diagnosed with moderately severe endometriosis and have had recent surgery to remove non-malignant tumours and detach my left ovary from being stuck to the pelvic wall.

So this led to an MRI through the NHS where they scanned my pelvis scare-iliac joints and both of my hips. Both scans have come back unremarkable.

So my question is? My symptoms are not made up - they came on suddenly in my left hip when I was menstruating and before my endo diagnosis/surgery. Do I need a specialist endo radiologist to read if there is any nerve compression by endo tissue in an MRI or what is the best scan to have in your experience? I have asked my GP to refer me to a specialist centre which she has kindly done and I am chasing up to see that they have received my referral.

Or is it all made up in my head and my nervous system is playing tricks on me?!! I'm feeling very frustrated because I know I'm not making it up and it is a new symptom.

I would be grateful if anyone who has had similar experiences could benefit me with their wisdom?

Thanks very much!!

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Hi - I replied to a previous post advising that this may well be rectovaginal endo on the uterosacral ligaments that refers pain to the sciatic nerve. You put this to your gynaecologist and he said he didn't see any but this is rarely visible at a lap. Was the rectovaginal exam clear of palpable nodules and is sex pain free if you are sexually active? If yes to both then that would indicate that deep nodules are unlikely. But if there is a suspicion of deep endo when you go to the centre they will do an MRI to specifically look for it. As it is your left hip I do think US ligament endo is likely as the left is most often involved. Hopefully the specialist centre can resolve things for you.


Could this be why I have intermittent sacral iliac back pain and constipation I have endo removed from utero sacral ligament successfully but I always wonder why the pain persists ! It's linked to monthly cycles



I experience similar issues and was diagnosed with endo on my left uterosacral ligament. It was found during a lap at a BSGE centre but was not spotted on an earlier MRI reviewed by a general gynae. I have a nodule which reaches across to the ureter. Awaiting follow up app to find out next steps.


Thank you everyone for your advice and experience, much appreciated


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