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Hi lovelies.

Had my laparoscopy yesterday after 6 doctors had guessed endometriosis over 4/5 years, and nothing was found.

I'm getting serious pelvic pain every month (no period as I'm on the coil) and lesser pain every ovulation. This has happened when on the pill and then on the coil and before when on nothing. It's like clock work but leaves me doubled up in agony and feeling faint with the intensity of it. I also get severe pain from intercourse. There is nothing on the ultrasound and now nothing on the lap.

The surgeon said that's them done and because there's no endometriosis they don't have an answer. Then simply suggested I get stronger pain relief from GP.

I know you all have endo but I wondered if anyone had 2 conditions causing pain and could possibly suggest where to seek help next?

Thank you xx

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Sorry to hear that. It is possible endo is hiding somewhere - was lap at BSGE centre? Maybe try to see them? It can be tiny amounts cause loads of pain and vice Versa that loads of endo cause little pain

I've finally been put on tramadol after 18 months of pain following hysterectomy and BSO and I think that might be doing something.

Good luck


Hi Heather don't let them fob you off. You of course will want to know what is causing the pain and not just increase your pain relief, though you may want to consider that in the mean time. As Marcia says if your lap was done by a general gynae you cannot discount that you may well have Endo but it has been missed, as many women on here have experienced. Your next step should be to ask your gp for a referral to a BSGE surgeon/centre. Look on Lindle posts on the treatment pathway and Endo on the uterosacral ligaments to see if you can identify with what is said.

Good luck x

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Thank you both for your responses. I've been to see my GP and they cannot refer to the specialist as its not within my health board. He still believes it's gynaecological and so he's happily done a second opinion referral, and then hopefully we will get somewhere. If that goes nowhere then the next consultant can do a referral to the specialist centre in Edinburgh.

He also gave me tramadol in the meantime as a top up when the pain is bad. I'm not a big fan of the stuff but it works alongside the pain meds I'm already on (dihydrocodeine, paracetamol and amitryptaline) for lupus/comorbid conditions.

Thanks again xx


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