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Irregular Bleeding

Hi all,

I am wanting some advice not sure what to do. I am currently waiting for my lap date to confirm whether i have endo or not. For the last 2 months I havent experienced any pain, or anything else except a lot of abdominal swelling. I have tried several different tablets to reduce it and nothing worked.

Last week of July I started spotted and my pain came back slowly increasing to unbearable. The spotting turned into a full on period that lasted for 11days and was getting a lot heavier. I went to my gp who gave me tablets to stop my period. I stopped for 4 days then yesterday I started with severe abdo pain that had me doubled over it took me ages to get under control so I could walk then drive home to get my tramadol and now I have woke up this morning to find I am starting to bleed again.

Is this normal? Can anyone recommend what I can do at all please



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Forgot to mention in the above post, I have been on 2 lots of antibiotics for strep tonsillitis in the last few weeks. This could be a pure coincidence but a few days before i started spotting I had sex with my BF and again yesterday before the pain and now bleeding we had sex.


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