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Flipping blah!

hi guys,

I've been having what I would call a serious downer day today! Just got in from a family dog walk which I knew I shouldn't have attempted, nearly sick, thought I was going to fall down, got home and laying down and just want to cry! My stomach ache has spread from right side all across my lower abdomen. I've had two naproxen which is really unusual, can normally get through the day with one, and I'm hot and bothered and tired and fuzzy :'( does any one else get a 'heavy' body: Arms and legs feel like dead weight!

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Sorry to hear you're having a bad day. Sounds like you might need something paracetamol based on top of naproxen which is Ibruprofen based. I get a slightly numb left leg as my pain is in my left lower back.


I completely understand where you're coming from! I try really hard to maintain an exercise regime. Went running yday and I managed a mile before getting dizzy and feeling sick and having to sit down at the side of the road for 15mins. It was really horrible and it's totally down to me bleeding even though I'm in the middle of a pill pack and I'm on it continuously!

I get quite widespread general pain around my lower abdomen and also a throbbing in my thighs and crotch area. I was recently at a pain management clinic and he's given me a pill to try (that is normally used in women who pee when they laugh! :) ) for pain relief but also suggested getting a tens machine and taking up pilates. He says that pilates will give core strength while also stretching out the muscles that are constantly tight through being in pain. Worth a try right? 6 pack AND pain relief? :)

Hope you are feeling better today.


thank you so much for making me laugh! I hope your new pill helps! I agree with your Dr about Pilates, I do body balance (yoga, Pilates, Tai chi in one) and it works a treat on so many levels. I need to be careful at the gym though, an hours workout can lead to a four hour nap!

I think tricycling pills are the way forward! I've stopped cerazette though, that was a constant bleed, and back on celeste, so just pain but no bleeding!

feeling much better today after a little moment and a good nights sleep! I hope you have a good day today!


Hi, I find very hot baths help me manage pain, exhaustion and general feeling low. Perhaps with some lavender oil or some other soothing scent. Hope you feel better soon!


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