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Not coping

I thought having a lap and hysterscopy (Feb 2016) would make things better and it did for a couple of months. Well with the pain. The diagnosis of endo really hurt me. I said for years something wasn't right and all I got was but the scans don't show anything.

My pain has come back on and off, exhausted /burnt out for a good couple of weeks before I start bleeding. Which will last for 10 days then I barely get a break before more bleeding. After which I can stop bleeding for a month or more.

I was diagnosed with IBS when I was a lot younger but when I'm bleeding and exhausted this flares up terrible. You could think I was pregnant at times with the bloat.

Finding it hard with eating. One minute all I feel like is rubbish to eat and then the next I'm not very hungry.

I had scar tissue cut off my bowel during my lap but now I seem to keep having bowel movements, especially after a meal.

Is it normal to feel like you need to pass water more than usual? I find when bleeding I need the toilet more and when I have pressure or feel cramp.

Going back to gyn in September. Very nervous about it. Don't know if I should be discussing about coming off cerezette and trying something else.

Feel like I'm on an emotional rollercoaster and it doesn't help as some other stuff going on as well.

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