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Should the pain last this long?

I currently have the coil fitted so I no longer get periods anymore so it's hard to determine when I'm going to be in pain. However, I have been in intense pain for over a month consecutively. Is this normal? I have had spells where it has been this constant but it was before my lap and before the coil so i don't understand why I'm in severe pain everyday 😕

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Hey, I presume the coil has been in place for a while as your periods have stopped. I've had 3 coils whilst the 1st helped with period pains (this was pre endo symptoms) the next 2 didn't help at all with pain.

Are you still under the care of your consultant? This should be flagged up and checked out x


I've had it since April and my periods did stop but the pain is back and it's become more vicious.

I've spoken to my gp about this again and was told, literally, there's nothing else they can do. I'm being referred to pain management but I'm considering going private now


I've been in constant pain and found the coil didn't help with the pain but it has helped ease the blood loss and how often (sorry if it's tmi). I saw my consultant the other day about it and they said they want to monitor for another six months but if it is still unbearable to go back again and we discussed a range of options for the next step. In the mean time I'm on a range of painkillers as well as a hot water bottle and it can be hard to get through each day. Def go back to your consultant.

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Yeah I've been told I need to wait 6 months but the pain has been everyday for the last 5/6 weeks, I can't live like this for another few months. Im thinking to go private and see someone else


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