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Endless Waiting and Cancellations

Hi Girls

Wonder if anyone can help me. I have suffered with Endo since 13. I have had 5 Laps so far and i am now waiting for my 6th. Me and my partner have been trying for a baby for 2 years with no luck.

I went to my GP over a year ago as i have had an excrciating pain in my hip 60% of the time. After being refered for a scan and that showing nothing then being refered to a consultant this was back in March, this appointment was cancelled and i had to wait another 6 weeks to see someone. When there they told me the op would be done in 6-8 weeks but after chasing and not recieving a date i now have one for Mid September which is when i am starting a new job. i have called them and they have said if you cant do that you have to wait till October which of course again is not going to be ideal. They have said there is no cancellation lists for this so nothing they can do.

please does anyone have any advice as it is all getting me down now

thank you


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Where in the UK are you and are you being treated in a general hospital?


I'm in bromley being treated ar princess royal university hospital .


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