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Cramps from Endo!!!! Help!!!!

Hey ladies

So I'm just wondering if there are any sorts of creams or lotions available that have worked wonders or that are defo worth giving a try to help ease my horrendous cramps that I'm having at the minute I'm trying to stop taking my zapain and just wondered if there is any other types of pain management or pain relief that I can try besides heat pads, hot water bottle, hot bath and taking loads of meds

Any help would be amazing

Emmajane xxxx

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Hi! I don't know if it will help you but sometimes I rub on the red tiger balm. It smells quite strongly of cinnamon but the heat is soothing. Any good chemist should sell it. It does come in two varieties red or white. Make sure u get the red one!

Hope you find some relief :-)


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