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Recovery after lap - a positive story

Just thought I'd update after my lap two months ago. I was worried my first period was going to be horrendous after reading all the stories on here - it wasn't. It was painful yes but still manageable. The second one was also not too bad. The pelvic pain I was suffering from daily and ovulation pain has not materialised at all. I only found out today that I had endo on my uterosacral ligaments and pouch of douglas so no wonder sitting down was painful, as was going to the toilet at times! I took two weeks off after my lap, which I think was needed, and then went full pelt into a very hectic job. I actually don't think I could have done the job before the lap as I was so fatigued but I'm feeling so much better now. Probably not being in constant pain helps! I just thought I'd share this as sometimes people don't if theirs is a positive story, you just get up and get on with life, but I think I could have done with reading one before my lap. I really hope you all recover well and feel better soon xx

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Its great to hear a positive story, thanks for sharing :)


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