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New kid on the block

Morning! I'm new around here, but not new to this endo caper. Diagnosed and treated quite efficiently back home in Australia when was I in my late teens, had seven fuss-free years with only a Mirena (IUCD) replacement every couple of years as required (under general). Endometriosis came back a few years ago, another laparoscopy, D&C etc. which wasn't quite as effective but symptoms improved quite substantially. Also developed chronic urinary retention, thought to be caused by bladder distension following first surgery; eventually diagnosed as Fowler's Syndrome. Fast forward to now, I'm 32 and about to undergo my third laparoscopy with Mirena change. I've steered away from groups like this this in the past because I didn't want to be that girl with a chronic condition, didn't want it to define me. So I guess I'm just looking to form a bit of a community and some support around me, I live in England semi-permanently and my family are back home so I'm charging through this one solo.. it's had a bit of an impact at work also, so I've chosen to demote myself to a less stressful role My questions are:

1. Does anyone else experience cognitive dysfunction when their symptoms flare up? Honestly, I'm not sure if it's the meds or me, but I often feel I'm in a constant fog.

2. How can one deal with the overwhelming fatigue? I can manage the pain, but sometimes I'll have a desperately overwhelming need to sleep, and nothing else will fix. Also low on energy most days.

3. Typically post-surgery I feel amazing and bounce back very quickly, has anyone else experienced this? I'm a bit fearful that this time I won't be so lucky as I'm older, disease progression etc.

4. I was exploring a hysterectomy (don't have/want kids), but my gynae said it would be of no use without removing my ovaries as well. I since met someone who had a hysterectomy in her twenties and she said her symptoms completely abated. Anyone else considering/taken this route?

Any thoughts/input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!


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