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I have been been diagnosed with PCOS however in addition to this Ive been having severe pains and Gynae problems for the past year so I had been referred to the gynaecologist for investigation. Following investigation the gynaecologist queried endometriosis, I have been commenced on prostap injections monthly and recieving HRT in leu with this however I just feel so upset as I have only turned 22 and am worrying about my fertility and what to expect in the future when I wish to start a family. Additionally i am really struggling as I have started putting weight on put I barely eat and the problem is that in the past I had an eating disorder which was very bad but with this weight gain and feeling so alone I'm beginning to struggle with issues surrounding my eating again. I just feel really isolated as I don't know anyone on this medication and even my pharmacist and nurse are shocked that I am on this given my age. Will it get better? Thanks X

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  • Hello my love.

    I really would go back and ask for a diagnostic laparoscopy for endometriosis, then you will know 100% if you have it, medication doesn't treat it, it just trades one set of symptoms for another. Please really push for it, and preferably at a BSGE centre. I refused Injections and said I wanted surgery for a diagnosis.

    If you look on Pinterest, there are some really great women who show how you can lose weight with PCOS and I know it is a slow process but it can be done, they show what to eat and what not to eat etc, there is hope, I know it doesn't feel like it now.

    It's taken me 9 months to lose a stone, which is good, but not compared to how I used to lose weight, so it can be done! I do weight watchers and do my best to stick to it and it helps maintain a weight and sometimes lose. But I know I'm not as bad as some PCOS ladies, it is a lot harder for some women unfortunately.

    All the best and good luck xxx

  • Hi,

    Thanks for replying the consultant said I have to try this first then I will hopefully be getting a laproscopy if the pain stops on the injections for further investigation. It's just a nightmare as it all bloating mainly :(

  • I feel you with the bloating, used to look 6 months pregnant before my surgery, really! It's worth a try again, say you don't feel it's working, it causing you more trouble being on medication and you aren't happy staying on it. Lay it on really thick! Good luck!

  • Il give it a try, thank you :)

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