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Constant Battle

my journey started in 2013 when me and my husband had been trying for a baby for over a year. I got referred to the hospital quite quickly, and endometriosis and PCOS were mentioned quite early on -to be honest I was quite shocked as I had heard how long it can take to be diagnosed.

I had all of the usual scans and in one scan was told it definitely looked like I had PCOS, due to all of the "holes" she could see in my ovaries.

I then had a laparoscopy and dye test, once I came around from the operation I was told I didn't have PCOS and they found a tiny bit of endo but it didn't matter because it was not enough to effect me.

I then moved to a different area, and was referred to gynaecology again, I had the scans and was told "it looks like I have PCOS" but I have not had a diagnosis and he also said it doesn't matter how much endometriosis you have - If you have any that means you have endo.

So here I am being told different things, I am taking clomid which I have ovulated on. My main problems at the moment are my extremely painful periods, on the first day I am in agony, I am sick, I have diarrhoea (sorry TMI), I feel like i'm going to pass out, my hands tingle like pins and needles and the pain comes in unbearable waves. This happens for a few hours, which completely affects my life, I dread when I come on.

I also bloat ALOT! I spoke to the nurse at my last appointment and she basically pushed this to one side and said it was probably IBS.

Since ovulating I have also found that I bloat more and find sex painful when it goes deep, and have to be careful with positions! which is not what you want during ovulation!

I was given mefenamic acid but this does nothing for me, I feel at a loss and feel I am battling the health professionals to make them take me seriously.

I am not really asking any questions I just feel like I need a bit of support because I feel S**T xx

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It's hard being to be fed different information by people who are supposed to be professionals but with endo it becomes part of the game so to speak there's a lot of ignorance even in high up gynaecologists where endo is concerned as the actually info on it is sketchy most people would advise u try to see a bsge specialist who actually know what they are talking about (at least most of the time) I hope everything works out for u ur not alone n venting is what this sites here for aswell as advice and support xx

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Hi it seems to me that you have the symptons of endromestosis. I had all the signs there and it was confirmed back in 2013 when I had a lap. Since then I've had another lap in 2015 as I was struggling to conceive. Have you joined the infertility group on here? It's good and you get some great advice from ladies in your own position. X

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I haven't, but I will do! Thank you x


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