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Hi i have not been diagnosed yet bt am more than sure i have endo because of my syptoms. The other night i woke up in absoloure agony from just undwr my chest all the way down. I have never had pain like it. I couldnt evwn walk because it was so bad. It was worse round the bottom of my stomach. I didnt go to socs as i have had alot of troublw qith them and feeling as if thwy dont beleivw the pain im in because my scans come back clear. Has anyone else ever had pain like this??

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Hi Lynzi, I get pain like this and they found endo all the way up in my diapgrahm, apart from bowels, bladder, ovaries and uterosacral ligaments. Doctors can do as many scans as they like - they will never see endo unless they do a laproscopy. I have been sick for years, and the last year especially has been hell. I had laparoscopy last Monday and I can tell you once you're diagnosed, no one will fob you off ever again. I had to be re-admitted because of post-op complications and people can't do enough for you. Once you have gotten over the hurdle of being diagnosed the only way is up. So please be persistent and insistent on a Gynae referral, preferably at BSGE centre. chin up xx


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