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High Estrogen Levels?

So recently I have been experiencing such large mood swings, I am finding it hard to keep up with them. I can be quiet happily going about my day, when suddenly I feel like my whole world has suddenly crashed. Abrupt sadness, irritability, anger and anxiety. Does anyone else get this? Could it be high estrogen levels?

FYI. Diagnosed with Endometriosis over a year ago, being put on the mirena coil soon as no other contraceptive helped me.

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When I was about 12 I had mood swings happen to me to the point that I would leave class to cry in a corner. Then just this year I tried different contraceptives and I experienced mood swings, but once I was off for 3 months I was fine until this period when I had a panic attack in class. I'm taking a progesterone only pill as of today & Idk if that means mood swings.

Estrogen imbalance also causes other things such as vaginal dryness, and dry skin.


I was exactly the same so I asked to go onto the progesterone only pill and I feel heaps better in myself although I still have some pain but the mood swings have gone!!!


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