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Cyst and endo back after surgery 6 months ago, losing hope once again

Hello, I had my 4th endo surgery removal by a great endo surgeon back in September last year I was stage 4, the left side completely covered, they cut away the endo and removed my left tube as it had a reoccurring cyst and after a dye test showed completely useless, but all was well on my right side, I agreed for it to be removed for my best chance of getting pregnant in the long run, if I have to go down the IVF route, they said my ovaries are healthy and They shouldn't see why I won't be able to get pregnant, it took me 4 months later and the help of provera tablets to return my period after such a big procedure so i could try to get pregnant, this was my big window of chance to try to fall pregnant, an endo free womb and no cysts but with only one tube I was still hopeful. But unfortunately, no luck. Last couple of months my periods have been agony, I informed my very helpful specialist and they referred me for another MRI, unfortunately I had my most recent period in between the results time and had my one week long period as "normal" but this time when the period stopped unfortunately the pain hasn't.

I am in complete agony, my GP has given me butrans patches again and oromorph liquid, the only things that literally stop me rolling around, screaming in pain as I feel the "red hot dagger stabbing pain" constantly in my left side again. They rang me today to say the MRI indicates another large cyst has returned, and they have booked me a follow up appointment in 4 weeks time, I asked if the endo has returned and they said no, endo doesn't work like that.

Is that true, can a cyst just appear without the endo, the pain I just have to cope with for 4 weeks until I see them and mean cope I mean taking this medication constantly, on complete bed rest for all this time as I cannot move, no energy. so no work for me and I can see my work planning my termination of contract as the last couple of years have been nothing but threats, warnings, back stabbing and disappointment speeches because of all the surgery, sickness and hospital appointments I've had.

I gave them the "workplace help" lovely detailed leaflet you can download off the endometriosis website to take to my manager and was greeted with, what am I suppose to do with that? I need a responsible member of staff! Never had time off work, with anything before I was diagnosed. But now I am just a strain and waste of time to them.

I know I haven't really got a question but just anyone with advice on anything I've brought up would be most appreciated or anyone going through a similar thing.

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Hi just wanted to say that I aswell had another lap back in October 2015 and I had to start ferility treatment as I didn't fall pregnant in the 3 months I was given to try naturally! However on one of my scans which I had after I started taking my fertility injections for iui the nurse saw a cyst on my left ovary and by my second treatment session it was no longer there. It could be it goes away by itself. I myself am waiting for ivf. Have you joined the infertility group on here? It's really good and you can share similar experiences with other ladies. Best of luck xx


Thankyou for replying, no I've not. I'll join it now, many thanks xx


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