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Fertility massage/cranial abdominal massage

Hi ladies. I want to share some hope with you all. I have stage 4 endo-it's on my bowel, my appendix and pouch of Douglas. Last lap showed a blocked Fallopian tube and my uterus adhered to my abdominal wall. I have had 2 laps - the last being one month we got married last year.

I was in the most pain ever imaginable and admitted to a London hospital for 9 nights where I was so ill I thought I was dying. Then an admission to my local hospital over Easter last year.

Once the flare up had passed-I started having 'fertility massage'. Carried out at an Alternative health are centre - it's not an nhs service-I paid £70/hr session and had one a month. I have not had pain for ONE YEAR!! Try it-if you can afford it. Deeply relaxing too. It breaks down adhesions, unblocked tubes and encourages healing. Xx

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I'm currently recovering from my second lap and have been looking into massage. I've been so frightened about my pain returning after my 3 month menopause injection runs out at the end of this month. I'm going to definitely give it a go once I'm fully healed.




Hey-I understand the fear of the pain. It's so hideous. Give it a go-there's nothing to lose and potentially lots to gain. I hope hope hope it works for you xx

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