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Does endo move please help!!


Basically Iv had pains in my upper right abdo on and off for months resulting in hospital admissions scan etc. Gallbladder all clear, bloods always fine. I'm now bleeding quite bad and the pain is horrendous in my upper right side. Doctor suggested it might be endo that's moved but because I wasn't bleeding at the time she dismissed it..... Is this possible and if so how do I get doctors to sort this instead of sending me home??

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Hi there, i know how you feel because i get pain in exactly the same place and have done for nearly 2 years now, had so many tests done and all come back clear. My endo specialist said after last lap that they had had a good look in that area and there was no sign of endo that high up but gastro doctors all say there is nothing wrong stomach wise so dont know which way to turn.

Do you find pain is worst when you are sitting down as this is worst for me. I have just had an US done on ovaries as i felt like i had a cyst on right side and was told yes i have and recently read that a cyst pressing on a nerve can cause pain higher up although when i asked GP about this he said no but i cant say i trust many doctors these days.

Good luck in getting some answers, i wish i could help you more x


I don't trust doctors I don't think any of them have any idea and as soon as you say endometriosis boom they want you out that door, it's worse when I'm sat or lay down yeah, I'm bleeding badly at the minute first time in a few months and the pain both pelvic and upper right side is just killing me


Hi the endo could be aggravating a nerve which is causing the pain. Sometimes we get pain referred to a different area. For instance if you have endo on the ultrasacral ligaments you can have pain in lower back.


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