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Good morning,

I hope everyone is well today.

Has anyone given up with nhs care and gone private? I've had an offer for someone to fund treatment for me due to how long I've been strung out by the nhs with terrible treatment and shocking wait times, which is amazingly kind. Does anyone know if the bsge centres offer private treatment? If so can anyone recommend any top specialists?

Thanks in advance,


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The only private and BSGE credit centre is in London, run by the consultants also work for UCLH. As far as I know other BSGE centres are NHS. This is because they have to perform a certain number of difficult op a year to stay on the list.

All the best.


Sorry ignore my above comment, I was told by my general gynae consultant the only one is in London. Actually now I checked the website there is definitely others all over the country.

Hope you found one near you soon.


I am at a private bsge centre in Chester. Look on bsge site for somewhere local to you then google search the consultant to see if he does private work as well. You have to do your research (google, facebook endo sites etc) to find a specialist you are happy to go to. I am lucky enough to have private health care through work.

Good luck. Hope you find someone who can help you X


I think there is some confusion here. As far as I am aware all the BSGE centres are NHS except for the one in London at the King Edward V11, the most well known one in Yorkshire and one in Birmingham that is on the provisional list. The very last entry on the full list doesn't say but I would think it is in a NHS hospital. I am not aware of a private one in Chester but maybe it is recent.

The point of BSGE accreditation is that certain conditions have to be met by the centres such as having a multidisciplinary team involved, submitting an exemplar video annually by each named advanced surgeon, completing a minimum number of complex surgeries per year as defined by the society, producing other data for audit and following up complex cases over 2 years, all underpinned by the RCOG (Royal College of Gynaecologists). This is to hopefully maintain a minimum standard required.

If you have surgery privately by one of the surgeons named at a NHS centre you are NOT having it in an accredited centre, you are having it by an independent private surgeon who also works at an NHS centre. But you may not be guaranteed the other surgeons that would be required at a BSGE centre or the other BSGE requirements. I have come across several women having their surgeries done privately by a 'BSGE accredited surgeon' who has done all the work him or herself and of course their is no way of monitoring their private work. If having surgery privately you need an absolute guarantee that the surgeon will work with the same multidisciplinary team approach as would apply in a BSGE accredited centre and of course this will bump up costs if a full team is required - such as is likely to apply in complex cases. There is a private multidisciplinary centre in Oxford, for example, that is not on the BSGE list but is headed by a BSGE accredited surgeon so this would follow the same requirements.

But women do need to be very careful having private surgeries by individual surgeons as they may not get the same standard of treatment.


Thank you for your comments and information.

Lindle my concern with the NHS is that 8 months ago I had a lap for diagnostics and treatment for endo, before the op I had pain with my monthly cycle, since I have been in agony every single day. In a month I will no longer be allowed treatment until I get my BSGE appointment with an 18 week waiting list. I have bee trying to get said appointment for the last 6 months. My care within the NHS has been chucking me out of A&E when I couldn't even walk, fights with consultants to get an MRI because I 'only had stage one endo, I shouldn't even be in pain', finally getting MRI results 2 months later saying I have deep infiltrating endo, and then a consultant telling me they would do nothing further. I'm about to lose my job, and someone is very kindly offering to pay for me to go private, I can't see my standard of treatment getting any lower. I don't feel like I have any other option x


Hi - I'm not saying going private is not a good option. It is as long as you choose very carefully and go to a private centre rather than a surgeon working on their own who may not be following the equivalent of the BSGE specification. I had mine privately. Where are you in the UK?


I found my specialist who works at the BSGE accredited centre in Cardiff and he also works for a private hospital where I am having my surgery in 2 weeks. I've heard lots of good things about him and my mum is paying for me to have the surgery privately. There will also be a bowel surgeon present too as they suspect endo on the bowel.

The only reason I am paying to have surgery privately is because the current waiting time at the NHS BSGE centre is 9 months.

If I hadn't paid to see consultant privately then I would be waiting to have a diganostic lap in august with a general gynae who was totally clueless about endo and was reluctant to even do a lap in the first place.

Also my follow up appointment after surgery is actually with the BSGE NHS centre in Cardiff.

I think as long as you do some research, make sure you get a consultant who works at BSGE centre then it'll be fine. You can't carry on like you are, and if someone is willing to pay for treatment then go for it.


Ok thank you for your experiences, it is very helpful to hear.

Lindle I am based in Brighton, so have been looking to London, particularly the Kind George one. Am doin my research now to find the best person to see.

A x

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I had excellent care at the London private one mentioned above. I have insurance for in patient care but have exceeded my outpatient allowance. Each consultation costs around £250. I have to see three different consultants on multiple times so cost do mount up. The care has been excellent and they have my and my general gynae consultant's full confidence.


Hi, I had a laparoscopy at a BMI hospital in the north west last Friday and am now finally starting to get some mobility back. The decision to go private was not an easy one and will result in significant financial cut backs over the next year as I pay my father back who had some savings - his partner suffered from endo and was keen for me to take action. Overall my experience of private care has been a positive one and I have now been referred back into the NHS.

Following years of painful, heavy periods, I collapsed on a boat in Vietnam in November (bad timing) and again at home 4 weeks later. I was told I had suffered a miscarriage by my GP. I was not pregnant. Since then, I have had only one appointment with an NHS consultant at an accredited centre who told me to get pregnant or go on the pill and gave me a web address so I could learn more about the condition - as if I had no idea what he was talking about.

I felt like I was being viewed as someone who needed to get pregnant, not well. I managed to get an appointment with the lead specialist privately the same week and afterwards I cried in my car for about half an hour with relief. The best £200 I have ever spent. It was not stress, or weakness, or an inability to cope. I had three cysts, of 6, 3 and 3 cm and adenomyosis.

I waited to book surgery until after my 2nd ultrasound three months later by which point the largest cyst had grown to 10cm and as a result the price of surgery had increased by £1500!!

For me, the anxiety caused by a complete lack of information and the absence of support from my GP (also suggested pregnancy) drove me to this fairly extreme solution. I really wanted to gain some control back and make positive steps to get well. My family were supportive, even though they were all aware that this was a significant investment. Having waited 9 months for NHS treatment with no progress, answers or support I wanted to know that I had made positive steps to control symptoms as much as possible so I could start making some plans for the future that did not involve chasing my GP or NHS secretaries. As my mum said, your health is worth investing in.

Sorry for the long post. This board has been a hugely important source of information for over the past 9 months and I thought it was time I shared my experience.


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