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Advice would be very welcome, thank you 😀

Hi I was diagnosed with endometrisosis 2 months ago through having a laproscopy to remove a large cyst on my ovary which makes sense because of the chronic pain I have been in for the last two years. The options for treatment aren't very appealing at all I'm only 29 but I have opted for the mini pill. I have been prescribed provera 10mg (medroxyprogesterone) but I am frightened to take it. Has anyone taken this & do you suffer with many side effects? My main concern is weight gain/depression. Thanks for reading my post.

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Hey, if you've managed to avoid being on the pill for Endo until now that's pretty amazing! I haven't been on this particular pill but know that with most people they have to try a number of pills before finding one that's agreeable. Weight can always be lost and if you do become a bit down and aren't happy just stop the pill. There are lots of holistic things you can do to manage Endo such as diet, acupuncture, yoga.

Have a look at this website, it explains the various medical and holistic treatments, it may be a process of trial and error but you will find a combo of treatments that suits you best.


Hope that helps x


Thank you , I'll have a look at that website 😀


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