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Symptom advice!

Looking for advice on symptoms.. I've always had very irregular, painful, heavy periods.. Always thought it was just one of those things, until December 2015 I had been bleeding for approximately 6 weeks so I visited the GP.. After reading up on endometriosis I was suprised that the GP mentioned this straight away (seeing so many stories about difficulties with diagnosis).. The GP then referred me for an ultrasound, I waited 3 weeks and eventually got a phone call simply saying "results are fine" and no more contact with the GP since. Since then I have continued to have pain on a nearly daily basis, very heavy painful irregular periods, it feels like my whole pelvic area aches. I'm also very bloated, needing to urinate regular and have pain when bladder is full and have some IBS kind of symptoms. I tryed the pill which did ease the symptoms but gave me severe migraines so had to stop taking it. On top of all this I have been trying for a baby for 2 years with no luck (I have one child already but was 6years ago when I had him and didn't have a lot of these symptoms then). I'm also constantly exhausted! Does this sound like endometriosis? I don't want to go back to the GP suggesting this as the GP is often quite patronising and always reluctant to offer anything new more than water and paracetamol!

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Hi Jo

Endo wont show up on a ultra sound you need to be referred to gyne. If you have been ttc for 2 years and nothings happening this should be investigated x


Sorry also if you don't get anywhere with your GP request to see another at your practice x


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