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Endo lump on abdomen?!

Morning ladies,

I’m trying to find out more information but I’m struggling to find any, so I hope someone on here can relate!

I had a lump appear on my abdomen (upper right hand quarter) about the size of a pea, just under the skin surface and above the muscle in September last year, which bruised with my period, ached and was very tender. I went back to see my gynea as I thought it maybe endo moving, he sent me to have an MRI. Having had it MRI scanned in Dec I was informed it wasn’t anything sinister and nor could it be endo.

Since then I was referred to plastics to have it removed, they were unsure what it was as it had got bigger (size of a large chickpea/broad bean) but thought perhaps it was a cyst. When the DR removed it under local anaesthetic Saturday just gone, he was surprised when he saw the lump as ‘it is blue, which is not the colour we anticipate for a cyst’. I asked him to explain the blue colour and he said it shows presence of blood vessels to be this colour, which means its likely to be endo or something else ‘but let’s not jump ahead and worry about that’. Obviously it has me worried.

The reason for posting here, is has anyone else experience of endo growing like this? My history is 3 laps over past 5 years, stage 3 found each time, adhesions incl. ovary stuck to bowel (they managed to free ovary in last surgery) and fibroids. I’m nervous as I cannot find much info on endo behaving this way. My gynea did say that endo can grow anywhere but to grow as nodules like this was very rare. My concern is if it behaves the same way as it does in my pelvis that it could cause adhesions around other organs? Also, any ideas that if a lump is removed that isn't a cyst and is blue in colour what it could be if not endo?

Any information welcome! Thank you.

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