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Finally some has listened

Phoned 111 again at 9pm who made me wait 3 hours before deciding to send me to the out if hours GP at the hospital. There I saw the most helpful doctor I've ever seen. He had a book on his desk ready marked with a page on endo. After vomiting in front of him, he gave me a pain relief injection, and an anti sickness injection and has sent a report to my GP telling them to refer me to a gynecologist. Feel so relieved. I know there is still a long way to go but at least the journey has started.

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it makes a massive difference if you find someone who knows that they're talking about, and believes you x

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I am so happy you were listened to, but it is shocking that it took this long for a GP to finally take you seriously. It's absolutely unbelievable how long we have to live in pain before someone finally decides that something is wrong.


Make sure that the GP sends you to a 'Specialist Centre' for Endo. Ordinary Gynaecologists are not sufficiently trained or experienced in the techniques for complete laparoscopy searches of all the places in the abdominal cavity where endo can hide, nor can they recognise all the presentations of endo ... plus endo specialists are much more skilled in the removal of all types, in all areas, than a general gynae can ever be.

See the posts on here by 'Lindle' (she is an absolute mine of info on endo) for much more, and for details of how to find specialist endo centres. Your GP should be aware of these and the protocol that says you should be sent there.

Take care


Thanks guys! I'm all prepped with a print out of the report he wrote and I know the nearest endo centre is colchester so I'll be asking to go there.


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