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Hi I'm new here, I may be posting this in the wrong post.... Just wondering what are the list of signs of endometriosis ?? Just exploring trying to figure out if I can get rid of this cramping pains during the cycles.... Since October 15 my cycles had gone from regular every 4 weeks to 3 weeks...... Apart from suffering from IBS which is a ((maybe just ongoing test))......

Constantly feeling faguie

Changed diet....( IBS )

Low energy

Lower back pains which comes and goes

Mood swings

Feeling rubbish.....

Titinus..... I looked that up it might be cause of low hornmonce imbalance.

Just wondered what you all thought......

I've already got a dr app booked that's like in 3 weeks


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Hi Rachael

Take the opportunity over the next 3 weeks to complete a pain/symptom diary to take to your doctor. This will help.

Is your cramping only during your period or at other times? Endo symptoms can include pain during/after sex, bloating, pain not just during your period but other times of the month.

Your GP should arrange blood tests to rule things out. They may also prescribe anti-spasmodic meds to see if it's the IBS causing your pain. Your fatigue/low moods/energy could be due to iron deficiency.

Please be aware that a scan will not identify endometriosis, it would should cysts or fibroids if you had any.


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My last scan I had did say I had tiny fibroids...but that was all clear, I've been refered and to have an MRI in a few weeks from gastro ongoing pains etc of seeing what the cause of it is. Will see what the outcome of this one tells me. Cramping at other times but it does get worst at monthlies..... Especially my lower back... although I'm used to it, just have to suffer in silence once I know the results. Painkillers well they don't work well just taken iprofun hoping that would ease my back.


Hi Rach, it varies person to person and where the endo adhesions are inside your body, I was told by my consultant that the amount of endo you have doesn't always correlate to the amount of pain your in e.g. You could have fewer adhesions but a lot of pain or a lot of adhesions and less pain. This link can tell you more about symptoms of endo endometriosis-uk.org/endome... and this link for symptoms of gastrointestinal endo obgyn.net/endometriosis/int... I hope this helps!


Ahh interesting.... Thanks, just hope July comes quicker.... I hope I haven't got this suffering from possible IBS is enough.


My symptoms pre diagnosis were:

increasing amounts of period pain. I would get the normal cramping, then I also started to get pain in my bum, my lower back, down my legs, and it would last for 5-7 days, not just the few hours of the cramps. My stomach would blow up like a balloon a couple of days into my cycle.

IBS. I was told repeatedly that I had IBS. My symptoms were chronic constipation, passing lots of mucus, and sometimes blood, and dreadful bowel pain during my periods. Blood tests all came back clear, and the GP dismissed it as IBS. But IBS isn't a diagnosis - it means they don't know. I tried all the diets - gluten free, dairy free, caffeine free. They didn't help. The IBS was a daily problem.

I had pain during sex, pain when I needed the loo.

I was persistently anaemic (again, the GP ignored this). FWIW anaemia can cause ringing in your ears - it sounds like your pulse. My periods had got so heavy that I was having accidents and couldn't leave the house.

I was exhausted and gained weight from basically eating huge amounts of chocolate to cope with it.

I would start spotting a week before my period would start, losing dark/old blood. My periods would then last for another week on top and my cycles had become very short.

Even with all this (and frequent trips to the doc) I didn't get a diagnosis until my pain got so bad I was having to go to A&E and it was another 6 months on top of that to get it confirmed.


Jo reilly -That's exactly what I've been getting the list of what u put down did u also get pale green mucus too? After all its endometriosis? I've done one lot of bloods that came out clear just waiting for the other lot...and also had scan... Also have g mri scan just to see what is causing all this.


It varied in colour. In the end I found it so distressing that I stopped looking :/ They tested for crohns, celiacs, IBD, I did the stool test for inflammatory markers and I had a sigmoidoscopy (where they only put the camera half way round the bowel) and they were all clear. My understanding is that I had so much bleeding from the endo that it was causing inflammation in the bowel and this combined with the adhesions (uterus stuck to bowel) was causing all the mucus. Dealing with the constipation is still a daily problem although the mucus has thankfully cleared up a lot. But my digestive system basically doesn't work :/


Ooh right... Let see what the mri shows anything up. :/ I had a camera part to second time. All showed up normal. Stools weren't though... I wish my cycules were back to normal don't think they will be now just have to suffer it every 3 weeks :(


I did look into it but I'm not gonna take it unless Dr's tell me too, as awaiting for next results to come and see if there's any changes


Ooh lol... It's okay

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I think 'I tried the diets and they didn't work' is fairly self explanatory. I have stage 4 endometriosis. Please don't try to sell me a book as a cure.


I apparently had IBS for about 4-5 years until it actually turned out to be Endo

In the end, a very good doctor made the connection between bowel problems and period


Ooh right, how did you control it after a long years of figuring it out what it was? Thegirlabouttown


My periods were so painful I couldn't leave home so the gyno told me to take my pills back to back and just have a period when I can take a week off from my life

Always sleeping with hotwater bottles helps

I no longer drink coffee as I realised it made it worse

Drinking alcohol makes me very swollen so I cut down

Healthier diet helped a little. When I wake up I have a glass of warm water or a cup of tea ( no caffeine) I also cut down on sugars. The only sugar I get is from fruit

I think I had to understand what works for me and make the changes that help me.

When I have a good day, I try to make the best of it and really enjoy it

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Thought (the pill) might have helped than crappie painkillers.... Already on a diet lost weight more I only weight 6St always been skinny


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