Incorrect BSGE referral :-( Norton Diet & alternative solution?

That's my story in a nutshell: - 2 lap's - diagnostic & removal, 6 months of Zoladex & HRT & I don't feel any better! I have Provera tablets to take but have't started the pack yet. I'm awaiting MRI results. I asked my GP to do me a BSGE referral & got a Choose & Book appointment letter today which is to the hospital not the BSGE.... I feel completely hopeless and don't know where or what to do next?!

I've read Henrietta Norton's book, has anyone else tried this to aid pain relief? Or tried any alternative therapies??

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  • Hi EndoUp,

    I started alternative therapy this year.

    I had never used medical therapies, as I don't like medications.

    I have always had painful periods but over the years they have worsened.

    At the start of this year I had a period that was so bad it literally stopped me in my steps.

    It was like child birth pains.

    My sister in law is a world leading naturopath doctor for period health, so I bought her book - at only about £7 it is THE best thing I have ever bought.

    I have been on her recommended diet and supplements for about 10 weeks. I still get fatigue and still get pain, but for the first time in my life, my last period I could take paracetamol and that stopped the pains.

    The diet is hard, no dairy, no sugar no gluten - but I am loving it, even with a sweet tooth and as a bread lover I have a diet that I enjoy, isn't high on carbs and follows all the recommendations.

    I seriously recommend it, because I know she has already helped thousands of women over her 20+ years.

    The book is The Period Repair Manual, Dr Lara Briden.

    She has a blog on fb and a website. Lots will come up if you search her nam,e

    All the best


  • Thanks Lisa I'll look it up!

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