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Bloating and endo in womb

Hi everyone! Just hoping for some advice or experiences. I am finding I am really bloated a lot of the time no matter what I eat. I'm allergic to dairy so don't eat that. I am size 6 so have a small frame yet my tummy looks like I'm 6 months pregnant! After my laparoscopy my surgeon said he removed the endometriosis but there's some in my womb/womb wall which can't be removed. Has anyone else had it there? And do you think it could cause bloating? Thanks in advance x

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Have you been tested for adenonyosis? i have both and feel bloated all the time this is because my womb and uterus are inflamed :-( I'm on menopause induced injections and HRT to see if my Symtoms go :-( only started Friday xx


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