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I've done something stupid

Hi No nasty comments as I feel crappy enough

I was diagnosed with severe endo a year ago and fell into a depression always down and in dispare my employer wasn't much help and I was so angry I ended up using the credit card and spent on it approx 250-300 pounds yes I know this is fraud and yes I know it was wrong I have owned up to this and admitted it and have told the police officer involved in want to pay it back etc. He asked me to go to a voluntary interview and said I'm not under arrest and I haven't got any bad record so I can go on the 28th this month

Will i get into trouble or will I be able to repay it back?! He's said I'm not gonna be under arrest or anything I have explained it was a bad time health wise and I explained my depression and anger and he seemed nice but now I'm worried

Any advice is appreciated

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How did the police become involved?


I told my employer who then phoned them 3 weeks after I had left that job I've told him exactly what I told her and he's told me to work out how much it was and go to this voluntary interview and go from there I've not got a criminal record or anything and honestly I'm not a bad person I just don't want to go jail I've said I'll pay it back


I'm surprised they've involved the police as you've admitted it and offered to repay the money. If you have a clean criminal record there is zero chance of receiving a prison sentence for this so try not to worry. X


Ahh thank you for reassuring me it was a stupid mistake and one I'll never make again thank you!!! Xx


Hi there,

I think it's realistic to expect that you will be subject to the company's disciplinary procedure as this may be looked at as theft of company money. Employment law is complex however if have been employed for 2 years or more they can not simply fire you for this action without taking you through a formal disciplinary procedure.

You do have mitigating factors that you can raise at the hearing and a nice employer will probably give you a final written warning rather than dismiss you.

As for the police, I think unless the employer submits an allegation of theft etc, then for that amount of money I would expect this to be dealt with as an employment matter rather than criminal, but this is just my opinion.

The citizens advice bureau can help you.

Hope you're ok xx


Thanks I never had any contract with them or anything so I think they can just get rid of me the person I spoke to said not to worry and we will sort it but I am scared I've never had to go to the bpolice station before I have owned up and have said I want to pay it back


Just seen you left your job, I think that was a mistake. It might have been more lucrative to have gone off work with stress or medical leave due to the endo.

I don't think the police are going to be bothered for such a small amount of money in the scheme of things, especially as you said you pile pay them back.


Thanks I was only there a year and had no contract so they just said leave I have told the polive man on the phone today exactly what's happened and why that I want to pay it back etc and he just said come in on the 28th for a voluntary interview and bring with me a list of what I owe and we will try sort it surely they wouldn't waste a courts time for something as small as this especially as I've said I'd pay it all back


You should seek legal advice asap to make sure you do not have a crimal record. This is vital for future employment.


Just aside from the issue but why didn't you have a contract after a year? If you were an employee you should've been given a contract within 2 months of starting work.

In reference to your contract & the money, I'd seek some advice from the CAB. Purely for legal reasons, I doubt they'll be any charges (it's not forth the paper work!) but for future employment, references and possibly if you need to claim benefits you need to know where you stand legally.

Good luck, we all make mistakes dont be too hard on yourself xx


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