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Possible cyst rupture?

Hi all had to cancel a trip away yesterday due to what I thought was just another endo flare up. Now wondering if it might have been a ruptured cyst as the pain was so intense and came on so quickly.

I was awake all Weds night feeling cold/feverish and stick with bloating. Then got up in the morning and was sick, could barely make it to the bathroom and back. I them had a fever all day as well as pretty bad diahorreah and lots of abdominal pain.

Can anyone who has experienced a ruptured cyst help please? My cysts are located mainly in the Pouch of Douglas so are on the bowel, my concern is that one could have ruptured, causing the upset stomach?

Any advice much appreciated!

Lucy x

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Hi Lucy - until last October I had a 9cm x 7cm endometrioma (chocolate cyst) on my right ovary which was party adherred to my bowel, along with large patches of endo in my Pouch of Douglas. Thankfully my surgeon was able to remove all of the endo in my PoD and the majority of the cyst, although he was unable to remove a small section as it had adherred to my bowel in such a way that he was worried removing it would cause irreversible damage to my bowel.

Before and since my surgery I have regular episodes of bloating, diarrhoea, constipation and feelings of nausea all of which I've put down to the section of cyst which remains and which I'm guessing is still releasing hormones that in turn irritate the bowel. There is scientific evidence that has proven hormones play a large part in the health of our digestive system and that a large proportion of women experience bowel issues at certain times in their cycle (i.e. at ovulation and just before the start of their periods). And as endo is essentially a ball of hormones that behave in the same way as regular endometrial tissue, it therefore seems to make sense that women with endo would experience bowel problems.

Given your symptoms I wouldn't be surprised if your cysts caused your stomach and abdominal issues. The symptoms of a ruptured cyst are also similar to those you described and include severe or sharp pelvic pain, fever, faintness or dizziness, feeling and/or being sick, abdominal bloating or swelling, painful bowel movements and pain during sex. In rare cases an ovarian cyst can cause more serious problems, so if you think this is what happened to you I would suggest going to see your doctor or consultant as soon as you can.

L xx


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