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Hello everyone, I had my second assessment 4 weeks ago as last year I passed, and it was a lot different last year they talked to me about my condition then I done a few tests, this year there was no talking just can you lift your arm above your head can u stand up, can you dress your self, I am aware of everyday dangers, I can use a keyboard and a mouse ect so I failed I suffer from severe depression insomnia and back pain, I have to take 32 tablets a day, 8 lots of medication...

My report came back 0 out of 15 I have to take diazepams to get out of my house, I had doctors notes support workers notes, so I get a phone call saying I've failed and they've made a appointment for me tonorrow to sign on jsa as they failed my Ess how bad is that

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  • Please Appeal this decision. If you appeal it you entitled to the £70 a week whilst you wait for your appeal to be heard. I waited about 3 1/2 months until my appeal hearing which I managed to win . Do not sign onto JSA you dont have to. If you have a citizens advice bureau near you then they will be able to guide you through the process. But don't feel pressured to sign onto JSA.

  • Wicked thanks for that I'm going to the citizen advice as my friend told me..

    People in wheel chairs are failing it

    Cheers for your advice

  • The whole system is morally corrupt. There are no words to convey my sense of anger at how they are treating the sick and disabled. I scored 0 points too and then won my appeal, so there is hope. I won my appeal based on Regulation 29 which means they found that declaring me to fit to work would pose a substantial risk to my mental health. So I would definitely 'play' on the the mental health side of things. Focus on that. Good luck.And keep fighting!

  • Thanks you Larrie7

    I will defiantly be going to citizen advice I rang Esa to appeal and they said I have to write a letter and highlight all the 0 points and explain why I should fail, who can I highlight using a computer mouse as that's irrelevant To depression

  • How*

  • Hi larrie7 I have a appointment at the citizen advice tomorrow they are going to write the letter for me and go thro all the points, but also I had to sign on other wise I can't get any money I just signed onto universal job search as my housing benefit would stop as well I ended up in hospital at the weekend with a break down from all the stress, I don't get it how they don't even give u 2 weeks notice one day your on ESA and just coping on the money next day u have to go to the job centre...

    Citizen advice had 50 people in there in 10 days people getting 0 points it's discussing how they do it

  • Thats fab the CAB are going to help you :) Sorry you ended up in hospital though, the stress this process causes is unbelievable. But you need to mention that in your appeal and any records from the stay in hospital too. Its obvs not not nice that you had to go to hospital but it will defo help you with the appeal (trying to look at the positives)

    They are very quick to cancel ESA but suprisingly slow when it comes to paying you any backdated monies they owe you.

    Another thing you could do is send a letter to your MP and explain your situation. I'm sure I have read of cases where local MPs have helped. But if you're stressed then it might not be worth stressing yourself out more with that.

    Good luck with the appeal, I think you have a very good chance. Chin up hun xxx

  • I wrote a 5 page long rant! hahaha. I wrote a word document, and wrote out each separate point that i should have got points for. But in the end i dont think it mattered that much. You can write whatever you feel like writing .

    I wrote it a bit like this:

    1. "Moving and lifting things"

    This wasn't assessed on the day and I feel it should have been. Due to my back pain I have difficulty bending down and lifting things. This wasn't taken into account.

    I also wrote a paragraph saying how my mental health had been affected since being found fit to work, and how i had to go see a therapist, how i'd phoned my GP and in tears because I felt like I simply couldnt cope with life. And how he prescibed me stronger anti-depressants.

    So make a list of all the topics you feel like you should have got points for and then underneath explain why you cant do certain activities etc. It seems like a fair bit of work but i found it helpful, cause I was so angry at the decision, I got all my anger in a 5 page word document and then felt smug than some poor sods were going to have read through all of my rantings.

    When you do it and go to appeal, take someone with you for moral support and they can speak on your behalf. it helps

  • Thanks for that, it's really helped me but also you said when I go to appeal take someone with me, do you mean take someone to citizen advice ?

  • Anyone really. I took my Dad with me but maybe someone from Citizens Advice would be better. Its worth asking them.

  • Hi that is appalling I had one a few months back and had all that crap it was all so degrading its all so wrong how they do it! I failed too they told me to use a wheelchair when pain was bad so I could go to work! I did the initial appeal where they 'reviewed' there decision but they still failed me, unfortunately I found it all so stressful that I didn't then properly appeal which i really regret now, I did manage to get p.I.p basic rate after this I found they were so much nicer and caring but I do regret not appealing the ESA. You should def appeal ive heard so many people get it after appealing..good luck x

  • I'm sorry to hear you failed your esa, they told me I have a month to apeal so if they fail that can you go further ? I think larie7 mentioned it, but I'm definate going to the citizen advice bureau, there's no way I could write a 5 page letter like larrie7 did so I will need some help,I think it's discussing that if u can lift your arm you can use a mouse, oh and the notes said I wasn't rocking in my chair and sweating lol I think you need to be virtually dead to pass it.

    Well done Cameron, I can see more sanctions coming on the system sucks xx

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